5 Years of Social Impact
5 Years of Social Impact


We work with businesses, organizations and governments enabling them to become more sustainable and prosperous guiding leadership teams through the complexities of sustainable development from establishing a clear roadmap through the development of strategy and policy, to stakeholder engagement and training of employees. We provide unrivalled support from start to completion.


In partnership with governments, businesses, and foundations, we implement programs to realize policy, business, and development goals. Whether working with local communities or national governments, we plan carefully with the client based on evidence, execute quickly, monitor to adapt and improve, and build local capacity.

Assessment & Analysis


- Strengthening vision, identifying opportunities

- How to be sustainable health check

- Strategic stakeholder engagement assessment

- Stakeholder mapping and engagement

- Sustainability positioning survey

- Employee engagement survey

- Global intelligence, research & audience segmentation

- Understanding and monitoring emerging trends, policy and legislation

- Corporate benchmarking and measurement      

- Strategy health ceck

- Sustainability risk advisory

Sustainability Positioning & Strategy and Planning


- UN Global Compact Principals introduction and implementation

- Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 17) integration

- National CSR strategy

- SDGs and Social responsibility advisory for government departments

- Creation of a unique value proposition

- Corporate and Social Responsibility strategy

- Corporate governance - Stakeholder engagement strategy

- Sustainability positioning strategy

- Social Responsibility policy, strategy and management

- Code of conduct and ethics

- CSR framework and training

- Environmental management

- Corporate positioning

- Building communications strategies

Implementation & Reporting


- Thought leadership implementation & training

- Strategic stakeholder engagement training

- CR training, in-house training

- GRI G4 reporting

- CSR reports

- Stakeholder and brand engagement

- Staff engagement and awareness campaigns

- Cultural change and change management

- Health, safety and environment regulation & campaigns

- Internal communications & Employee communications

- Public Relations (PR), communications & Eco products marketing

- Storytelling and messaging (events, sponsorship, green marketing)

- Ongoing sustainability consultancy support

- CSR consulting and sustainability positioning

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