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Advising Health Leaders

We have the pleasure to announce you the new role of Dr. Kobb as an advisor to students in the International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL) at McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management.

January 2018


Advising Health Leaders

Because I can speak the truth to power, see the unseen potentials and capacities by others and in others. My striving to build partnerships and empower communities goes beyond the guiding of individuals toward reaching their unlocked potentials and is committed to stretching the boundaries in understanding how the justice is available for all and we are never limited by our struggles.

@ the 4th Edition of The Arab Women in Leadership and Business Summit

 Participating at the 4th Edition of The Arab Women in Leadership and Business Summit bringing together an unparalleled

speakers panel along with participative delegates from across the region to deliberate on the strategies that need to be developed to further advance women’s participation in the public and private sector along with power packed discussions, networking sessions, interactive panels and business lunches.

STEMinism- STEM workforce is crucial to UAE’s innovative capacity and global competitiveness.Hence, it is very imperative for UAE organizations to support women and maintain a robust network of female professionals. There are numerous opportunities for women in STEM, hence the gathering will bring together eminent women to inspire aspiring women and capitalize on the wealth of experience gained through the setbacks and achievements throughout their career. These industry icons will enlighten progressive path of career in STEM as they have already proved their mettle and our future generation look upto them. The exclusive gathering will help advance current gender-focused initiatives including encouraging training and hiring for employee diversity, and continue to give back to the community through STEMinism.

Feminization- Only in a workplace where Men and Women meld their unique styles of leadership, can a strong leadership team be formed which is fierce enough to compete in today’s marketplace, as by combining the leadership styles, the organization can maximize the opportunities and minimize the threats. The rise of women into positions of power has created “feminization” of leadership which is reflected in the increasing importance of emotional intelligence, people skills and flexibility. The demand of today’s generation is aligned to the skill-set of female leadership styles. The gathering would encourage women to be visionaries, be visible, be vocal and add value, to move beyond their comfort zones and reinvent themselves.

Entrepreuershipism- At a time of great reshaping, optimism and hope in the Arab World, entrepreneurs, especially the youth, have found new avenues in leading innovation. Large-scale transformations in some countries, combined with social dynamism particularly among the youth, have clearly put the employment challenge on the top of the regional agenda, with entrepreneurship being a key imperative. With nations already trying to diversify and evolve their economies, the Arab women have caught on to the need of the hour and have begun driving efforts towards innovation and entrepreneurship. The gathering will have a specific and deep focus on the rise of innovation, tech driven women entrepreneurial ventures and the challenges and lessons learned from Arab women entrepreneurial achievers. * the 4th Edition of The Arab Women in Leadership and Business Summit

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