Life is Local

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Thanksgiving 2017

Giving back to the natives

Life is Local

Our goal is to enable simple and responsible local living. 


Life is Local envisions a future where both the local and global economy drives local purchasing. Our mission is to provide local knowledge, products and experiences in one location under one banner LIFE IS LOCAL™ for promoting and growing (not creating and maintaining) locally sustained economies.


What most people do not realize is that much of our basic needs can be sourced locally, whether we live in or travel to that locale. We will become the premier web destination for locally sourced goods and experiences by dividing the world up into local postal codes to support local economies. Whether you want to buy local produce from the farm nearest your home or to support local when you arrive at your travel destination, you will find the resources to do so at LIFE IS LOCAL™.


 LIFE IS LOCAL™ will become an integral part of each local community's efforts at leaving a smaller footprint on the environment, all the while building community. We aim to provide a great time-saving service that offers non-commercial opportunities to participate in the local economy, wherever we are.


Our leading brand is synonymous with authenticity, community, adventure, innovation, and social good. As a new company, will actively engage people around the notion of bio-regionalism (the pro-active (re)-creation of harmony between human cultures and the natural environment) through facilitating connections between consumers and producers of locally grown food, locally sourced goods and experiences.

We will become the destination on the web where people can:

Promote locally-produced goods by zip code
Locate locally-produced goods by zip code
Discover why local sustainability is important
Learn how to adapt their consumption to local sources
Learn from others how to create locally sustainable economies


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